37 foods to survive that will be Sold Out After Crisis

Excerpt from Damian Campbell's 37 foods to Survive

According to Damien Campbell there are 37 foods that will be sold out after crisis. The following video shows you exactly what is in his guide.

Alternatively you can get grab a copy on trial for only $7. Get the $7 trial here – 37foods for $7

Damian Campbell’s guide ‘Sold Out After Crisis’, helps to prepare people in the event that there is a disaster.

This Informative guide tells people how to prepare for a disaster which could have a high likelihood of making food scarce in grocery stores.

The government already tells us that we should prepare for at least 3 days and urges us to prepare for many more in the event that emergency services cannot get to us.

When disaster strikes emergency services will initially focused on helping high risk areas like hospitals, police stations, water supply etc. You as a householder are expected to take care of yourself.

Also pertinent is that the emergency food handed out may be intolerable to your digestion and this is what makes Sold out after Crisis a highly recommended buy. After Katrina, there were several incidents of stomach in-tolerances because the fare handed out was MRE (Military Ready Eat Meals) better suited to a healthy soldier. Perhaps this is the most important point, would you rather be self sufficient for more than just a couple of days eating food that is palatable interspersed with some treats or sup on things that keep you alive but miserable. In times of crisis it is important that health and morale is the focus. Do not underestimate the value of a nutritious peanut butter and honey sandwich as a lift me up when the chips are down.

I remember a conversation with a Sarajevo survivor, the item that was the most sought after, during times of hardship, was ironically not rice but toilet paper. Apparently you could trade it for just about anything.

So, How does the Damian Campbell guide on 37 foods to survive work?
In a bid to be ready, it was applicable to reiterate the following steps:

  •   Prepare in advance of the actual disaster
  •   Know the shelf life of the items that you stock.
  •   List and store all non-food items that you would need.
  •   Have a variety of at least 37 essential foods that you would need during the crisis.
  •   It is important to know exactly what you will need.
  • Store everything that you would require to bake your own food during and after any kind of disaster.

Sold Out After Crisis Guide – The good points

The language the author uses in his sales videopage is designed to infiltrate the reader’s mind and create trepidation, thus leaving the reading with no other alternative but to buy his ‘Sold out after Crisis guide’.

If this product is not for you return it within 60 days -guaranteed money back.

What’s more it only costs a measly $7 for the trial period – read it, if it is not for you cancel and get your money back – at the very least you may have learnt just one thing.

All steps are elaborated on,  for example, the exact makeup of each of the the 37 essential food items, Here is an excerpt on grains:

Excerpt from Damian Campbell's 37 foods to Survive
Excerpt from Damian Campbell’s Sold Out After Crisis

Plus there are four bonuses:- [click any picture to watch the scary video….]

Sold out after crisis Bonuses
4 Vital Bonuses
Sold out after crisis water purification
Water Purification Quickstart Guide
Sold out after crisis survival gardening
Survival Garden Plans
Sold out after crisis off grid power
Off-Grid Survival
Backup Power
Sold out after crisis storage
Survival Food Stockpiling & Storage

Water purification, as well as how to structure your garden so that is can survive the shortages of the time, how to access and create an off-grid power supply and how to keep your 37 food items stored so they last and are are safe.

Sold Out After Crisis Guide – The not-so-good points

The language the author uses in his sales video page is designed to infiltrate your mind and create trepidation, thus leaving you with no other alternative but to buy his ‘Sold out after Crisis guide’. This is so skillfully done with language and cartoons, it is scare marketing at its best!

Review of the “Sold Out After Crisis” Guide

This guide is plausible and is the kind of book that is concise with the relevant information that the reader needs to know. Campbell’s “survive-Anything guide” is a revelation and persons are likely to learn a lot as well as how to make a survival pack that is inclusive of the 37 vital food.

Be safe!

Blessings – Carol

survival list caroline

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