Pocket Survival Kit List – How to make a survival kit

Personal/Pocket Survival Kit – How to make a survival kit

A pocket survival kit, also called a personal or many survival kit, is the smallest version of survival kits and is designed to increase your chances of survival during a disaster but more importantly it is small enough and light enough to carry all times. It is also a useful addition to a survival kit all your Bug Out Bag.

How would you carry in your kit depends on your climate and personal preferences and a smaller kit that you always carry is much better than a larger kit you never carry. You can also be divided into two smaller containers. A personal survival kit is a bit like a personal knife, there is no perfect one for everyone and preassembled survival kits start at about $20 alternatively you can build your own for free by using the components I shown below. The key though is too buying one that has high quality components. Although these kits are fun they are not a toy and may save your life – bear this in mind when you buy one or assemble one. I will give you my recommendations and the reasons for them.Best Survival list kit

Survival tin or nylon pocket or water container

Personally I don’t think an old cigarette tin is the best container for your items unless you manage to waterproof it first. If you like the idea of a hard container check out the waterproof Micro Case from Pelican. Alternatively a waterproof nylon bag like the one used by pocket survival pak plus kit from renowned wilderness expert Doug Ritter is excellent and can be used  collect water. Speaking of which you could store your kit (especially the car kit) in a neoprene wide mouthed bottle. Nalgene makes the smallest wide mouthed bottle I know.


A Basic Pocket Survival kit list from the SAS Encyclopedia of Survival follows below:

When putting together a basic survival kit, try and think of selecting items for multiple use.


Survival Kit List of Items


Fire Flint and Steel This is more robust and reliable then matches.  survival list flint and steel
Fire Waterproof Matches or Bic lighter Must be special windproof and waterproof matches. Usually burns for around about 12 seconds  Survival list waterproof matches
Efficient tinder and fire lighting aid.Also used to clean wounds Tampons British RAF and special forces have two tampons as standard issue  Survival list 2 tampons
Water carrier Can make a small catapult Can also protect dry tinder in wet weather Condoms – unlubricated Excellent water carrier when supported in a sock or shirtsleeve.  Survival list unlubricated condoms for water
Water Water Treatment Tabletsor water filtration bottle Choose tablets for your survival kit (about 50) as they light to carry

pocket survival kit tablets

Clothing and shelter Probably one of the most useful and versatile items. Great for securing important pieces of gear to yourself and can be used as a fishing hook Safety pins and needles Get a couple of Large Safety Pin as well – can be used for defense For the needles try and get a couple with large eyes. The sailmakers needle (chenille no 6) has a large eye, useful if your hands are cold and can sew together canvas and materials using twine etc.  Survival list safety pins
Clothing and shelter Single Edge Razor Blades Useful for gutting fish, cutting sinew or making weapons Survival list single edge razor blade
Clothing and shelterCan double as reflective material to draw attention to yourself Emergency Sleeping Bag, Survival Bag Protection from both wind and rain. Two bags separated by a layer of grass, bracken or hay will form a basic sleeping bag  Survival list survival bag
Clothing and shelter Parachute cord, I would probably go for the paracord watch see below Good for making shelters and the inner strands of thinner cord can be used for sewing or fishing. A recommended minimum of 15 meters (50 feet). Very useful are a Para-Cord Survival Bracelets if you have limited space – basically 1 inch of bracelet equals 1 foot.  Survival list parachute bracelet
Navigation and signalling Watch – You can now get a watch with a nifty paracord strap. Not usually a direct part of your survival kit at a digital (not analog) watch can be a great navigational aid pocket survival kit paracord watch
Clothing and shelter, food Survival KnifeIf I had to carry only one tool it would be the Leatherman Skeletool because it is multifunction and you can open it’s knife with one hand. Check the knife’s construction as cheaper ones have flooded the market and there is a weak point where the blade  meets the handle  Survival list survival sheath knife
Clothing and shelter, food Multi-functional tools In survival situations multifunctional tools are likely to be more productive than a knife. The Leatherman or Gerber are well made and should last a lifetime. Most are simply pliers, wire cutters, cutting blade, saw, screwdrivers and files. Attach to body with cord to ensure it is not lost.  
Can also be used as this snare Wire saw – get one made of eight strains of stainless steel wire Can cut would, bone, plastics and even metal. May overheat due to friction – saw slowly to avoid this  pocket survival kit wire saw
Navigation and signalling Compass Button compasses are really only for emergency escape and evasion – a liquid filled ‘Silva’ is used for navigation by map and good alternative  
Navigation and signalling Whistle A quality whistle can be hooked up to 1000 metres or a ¾ miles on a clear day  pocket survival kit emergency whistle
Navigation and signalling Signalling mirror or Heliograph On a clear sunny day your affection can be spotted for miles -familiarise yourself with operating instructions before any emergency rescue attempt  pocket survival kit signal mirror
Notepad Notepad and pen You may need to leave a directions or make notes  for yourself. I recommend Rite in the Rain Waterproof notebooks  personal pocket survival kit notepad
Emergency Food see survival food list for a comprehensive list of survival foods to keep at home Emergency food. Except in extreme cold conditions, fit adults can live without solids for weeks. Food can add more heady bulk to survival packs and its worth. So minimize. Hot drinks lifts morale and this affects survival chances Not an immediate requirement in a situation however can produce normality which is good for morale – keep to a minimum: two fuel tablets, tea, coffee sachets, sugar, meat stock cubes pocket survival emergency food
Fishing equipment Basic components: 5 hooks (size 14 or 16), approximately 30 m (100 foot) of line, 10 iron or brass weights and swivels. Include a cork for a float. A plastic luminous lure or a small fishing net is a nice to have. pocket survival kit fishing kit
Snares -effective for catching game Purpose-built snares are most effective but if you cannot get them then carry it is 5 m (16.5 feet) or brass wire in which they can be constructed. Wyatt also be used for fishing traces all in shelters or making improvised packs pocket survival kit snare
Fire, Food (only if 100% tallow) Multipurpose Lubricant(nice to have – pack in home/car survival kit) Candles[click links for where to buy survival supplies] Preferably one made of 100% stearine, bees wax or tallow (solidified animal fats). Can double as emergency food. Do not eat candles made a paraffin wax. survival list beeswax candles
(nice to have -pack in home/car survival kit) Flares and smoke In a life-threatening emergency flares can also be used to start a fire. Find out which color signals emergency  pocket survival kit emergency flares
(nice to have- pack in home/car survival kit) Global positioning systemThe ecco claims they have the smallest gps Great gift for someone who constantly forgets where they parked their car. Relies on battery is so makes its usefulness shortly  pocket survival kit personal gps
(nice to have – pack in home/car survival kit) Strobe Designed for military rescue situations it emits an intense bright blue flash – battery dependent therefore only used when rescue aircraft is positively identified  pocket survival kit strobe
(nice to have – pack in home/car survival kit) Survival radio Purchase one that catches the weather stations and has a crank handle.  See emergency radio review
Instructions – pack in home/car survival kit Survival guide  This book shows you how to cope with any disaster  pocket survival kit Survival guide
 Safety – Have this as a separate kit to your mini survival kit First aid Kit -This Kit has been made to exceed ANSI standards to meet the upcoming 2012 regulations  The Complete First Aid Kit is the only kit in the world containing Save-A-Tooth which is accepted by the American Dental Association.

pocket survival kit first aid kit
Navigation and signalling can also be used as a makeshift shelter – pack in home/car survival kit Air marker panels Made from lightweight fluorescent material. Carry at least 2 m² or 6 feet square.


Best Wishes


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Car Survival Kit – Emergency Car Kit List

Car Survival Kit – Emergency Car Kit List

emergency car kit car survival kit emergency car ki list

The American Red Cross recommends the following items

  • Flashlight and extra batteries
  • Blanket
  • Booster cables
  • Fire extinguisher (5 lb., A-B-C type)
  • First aid kit and manual – this is one of the few first aid kit that has Save-a-tooth approved by the Dental association
  • Bottled water and non-perishable high energy foods, such as granola bars, raisins and peanut butter.
  • Maps
  • Shovel

I would add a personal or Pocket Survival Kit – see here for my list and how to assemble one.

Alternatively renowned survival expert Doug Ritter has put together a robust on that is not a toy. It’s called the Pocket Survival Pak Plus Best Pocket Survival  kit

I would not store plastic water bottles in the car as the plastic degrades over time in the heat and this can be toxic. Use metal picnic flasks or stainless steel water bottles.

In addition we have jumper cables and instructions; a small sack of sand or kitty litter for traction; and red cloth to use as a flag; and finally a spare charged cheap mobile phone.

If you are in cold country add – an extra set of mittens or gloves, wool socks, and a wool cap

Be Prepared,Be Safe and Best Wishes


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